Indoor Parks


Join us in our dream to build Indoor Parks

eCommerce is causing a disruption in the economy and there are many commercial and retails spaces becoming vacant. Something needs to be done with these spaces to continue there functionality and ability to generate a tax base for the State of Minnesota. We feel there is an opportunity to design and market indoor parks utilizing the increasing empty commercial and retail spaces that exist in the metro area. One specific space would be the old Gannett building on Zachary Ln N in Maple Grove, MN. This is a huge empty building that has been vacant now for over a year and would be a perfect indoor park.

Our vision for these parks is to provide a place for people to go during the long winters and hot summers and feel like they are at a park on a nice and comfortable day.

  • These indoor parks will be powered by self sustaining, carbonless emitting, alternative energy.
  • These parks will combine simulated and living vegetation to give the experience of an outdoor environment.
  • These parks will have trails for people to walk and ride bikes.
  • These parks will include cardiovascular and strength building primitively made exercise equipment so people can improve their health.
  • These parks will have sitting areas for people to read or socialize.
  • These parks will be handicap accessible.
  • These parks will have UV simulated lighting in certain areas, so people can tan, or receive light therapy.
  • These parks will have an indoor temperature between 72-82 degrees at all times.
  • These parks may include swimming ponds.

We feel that these parks will improve the well being and community satisfaction of the people that will utilize these indoor parks, especially during the cold winter months and very hot summer days. The impact of these parks will be measurable by evaluating the number of days that people chose to reside in Minnesota for the entire year, versus living partially in a State with a different climate for a percentage of their time.

Please contact us if you would like to provide funding, or partner with us on this endeavor.