Journey Board

Journey Board Graphic

This first generation prototype of the Journey Board allows a person to lay completely horizontal and sleep in a sedan style car. The Journey Board is ideal for people traveling on road trips that want to easily convert their car into a one person camper, or for people that live in evacuation zones and may need to sleep in their car until they can find better shelter.

The passenger side seat is fully reclined and the Journey Board will wedge against the dashboard and rear seat with the reclined seat as extra support in the middle.

When not using the Journey Board, it can be folded and stored behind the seat, or in the trunk. The carrying strap makes it easy to carry the Journey Board. The Journey Board can also be converted into a table, or desk while you are camping.

A small air mattress, or foam padding can be placed on top of the Journey Board for comfort when sleeping.

Journey Boards will be created for all sedan style cars once the patent is obtained. We are currently searching for investors to help us bring this product to market.

Journey Board

Journey Board in car

Journey Board Folded

Journey Board – Folded

Journey Board converts to a table

Journey Board converts to a table

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