Should you use Hashtag or @?

Should you hashtag or @

Why would I use a hashtag # or @ symbol in my social media message?

The short answer is, to reach more people with your social media posting.

You may have seen messages in Twitter or other social media websites that have hashtagged content, or words with the @ symbol in front of them. They look like this; #graphicrelief, @graphicrelief, #graphicdesign, @graphicdesign, or #advertisings, @advertising. You may have wondered, why are they putting these symbols in front of these words?

Placing a hashtag (#) in front of a word, or phrase with no spaces, tags this content so that is can be searched by others. 

For example; if you typed: “I want to eat some #goodcheese” into your Twitter message box and clicked the Tweet button it would show up on any message boards that are searching for the #goodcheese subject and would now be viewable by possibly millions of people.


Placing the @ in front of a word, or phrase with no spaces, creates a handler that alerts the owner of the handler directly by sending them a copy of the message that you posted. 

For example; if you typed: “I ate some great @ABCcheese during the cheese fair” into your Twitter message box and clicked the Tweet button, this message would be sent directly to the owner of the @ABCcheese handle and also appear in the standard message feed.


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