On-Site Service*


No Contract On-Site Hourly Rate $82/hr
Out-of-state two week contract in a State with a warmer climate during the months of January – March. $4,600.00

 Off-Site Service


No Contract Off-Site Hourly Rate $90/hr

 Monthly Flex Plans**


Calhoun Up to 4 hours per month $320/month
Sunset Up to 8 hours per month $560/month
Laguna Up to 16 hours per month $1,100/month
Wailea Up to 40 hours per month $2,200/month
Lanikai Up to 80 hours per month $3,800/month
Coronado Up to 150 hours per month $6,999/month
Why Choose Flex Plans? Click here to learn why we recommend flex plans

 Rough Estimates for Design & Production


Logo $600.00
1 page flyer $480.00
6 panel brochure $1,800.00
Email Template $800.00
5 page responsive website with custom graphic design $4,200.00***
2 page responsive website without custom graphic design $2,000.00***
32 page catalog $8,000.00
30 second video production $1,800.00



Open Mic Night – 2 hour event $150.00
Conferences Call for pricing

 Other Services


Website Domain & Hosting Administration $600.00/yr
Training $90.00/hour

All Prices listed do not include the cost of printing, photography, hosting, copywriting, or content proofing.

*On-site service rates vary depending on the number of hours contracted and other criteria. You will provide the office space, computer, software and all other materials required to do the work.

** Monthly Flex Plans require a one year contracted time commitment.

*** Requires annual Website Domain and Hosting Administration fee.

All pricing is subject to our Terms of Service.

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