What is Graphic Design?

  • A true master of Graphic Design has the ability to create a desired emotion with the usage of photography, illustration, typography, color, line and shape.
  • It’s about understanding a vision and reproducing it for the rest of the world to see.
  • It’s about simplifying visual elements in the most effective fashion to make a statement with clarity and impact.
  • It’s about jaw dropping imagery that makes your mouth water.
  • It’s about engaging visuals that educate without effort.
  • It’s about control of the medium and art, having the ability to expand upon a previously created work and not jeopardizing the integrity of the style.
  • It’s also about improving the human condition through interacting with thoughtfully crafted information.
  • This is quite different from just haphazardly inserting clipart onto a document and considering it a useful communication piece.

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